Tuesday, September 16, 2008

That's all!

I opened this blog some weeks ago, I created the banner you can see at the top of the page and I wanted to write an "introducing blog" post where I explain the title meaning.
I won't! :) why? Probably because I am mentally insane or just lazy or just wishing to do so many things in such a little time.

Tonight I decide to start the blog with my last shot.

It's not the best picture I took and it can say pretty few about "world beauty" (one of the main blog goal). It is just a picture of a rising moon which light reflects on the Ionian sea, and a girl is looking at it and at the so (love and hated) town where she grown up.

Despite all, I think it's a good way to start the project I have for this blog, because this picture not only was unplanned but it represents how beauty can stop any sad thought and bad feeling.
How a picture can represent such a thing? Simply, the girl in the picture is me, and while I was "posing" I was thinking: "Yeah, if the part of my dreams where I hope to leave this city will ever become true, I will miss the beauty of my town a lot".

Life is hard, sometimes painful too but I know we cannot let problems overcome us; and one of the few ways I know to defeat sadness is to keep in my mind that there is always something of great that stands around me, I just have to look at it... and the best way I know to do this is taking pictures.

I hope this (probably weird) blog will make someone else being able to "avoid sadness".


Emanuele said...

Great starting!
I think this blog will be a beautiful blog!

NightOwl87 said...

My bigger supporter! :)
Thanks, even if I know you ALWAYS think that something I am doing is going to be something of beautiful! :)

and thanks for helping with the code, I am to lazy to change it...so if the blog will turn out wonderful it will be thanks to you too! :)

Nicola said...

I've just discovered this blog: it's wonderful yor purpose! Good work!

NightOwl87 said...

I just discovered your comment Nicola. Thanks! :)