Monday, May 18, 2009

Miss Photography defeats little fears too...

Mosquitoes are annoying, but not scary -- well, a huge group of them would scare me a bit, but fortunately I have never encountered one.

Cockroaches look a little “disgusting” to me, but I have learned to kill them (…at least when it is necessary…)

Spiders… I cannot stand them. I tend to kill them, but each time I try it comes to mind how M1L (my boyfriend) always tries to save them and blames me for being such a “killer”.
Trust me, I do my best to put them out of my bedroom *without* killing them… but usually I fail. Sorry!

But I have been close enough to a spider to take this...


Bees and their “relatives” scare me a lot! If I see one of them close to me I always wish to run away yelling out complains about the bee being there!

But I “control” myself, I just run away as fast as possible! ;D I was close enough to this...


The last 2 Sundays these little guys, seeking for food in my country house back yard, can have no peace!

Yeah, I overcame a lot of little fears thanks to my little baby (the camera)!

As you can see, my love, I never get tired to take pictures for ours, I don’t feel pain, unless I get really hurt!
Yeah, you know that, later, all the pain comes and I feel bad, really bad… but while I am taking picture I tend to feel only good things.

Even if I complain, at time, because I cannot find the subject for my pictures, but I generally feel good.

And, if there is you too, staying beside me, helping me, talking to me, smiling while you say “Here you are with the “researcher” gaze!”… well, it’s like a slice of Heaven on Earth, for me.

Can you remember my smile when I listen to Louis Armstong songs? Do you remember how he smiled while he was singing them?

That’s love!…not the physical one, of course.

And you know it, because even if it can be pretty boring staying beside me while I am taking picture… you are always there smiling at me (I got photographic proof!) and willing to be helpful for me.

P.S. Thanks to Chris for the help with the post;)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

To GJr

It seems yesterday, and ages ago at the same time…
The 13th May 2008 your daddy (my cousin) sent me a message telling me at what time you were born. The message also told about your name, your weight, your length and, not written, the infinite joy of your parents.

I remember I was studying math when I received this message. I don’t know what you’ll study at university, but I can assure that the kind of math I was studying was really annoying… but this message, or better your birth news, made me smile. I started to jump all around the house telling the news to my parents and to my brother.

I wish I was there, I wish I could have hugged you at least once in this year… but we live pretty far away, and old people can be so strange and boring. They (well I should say “we, even if I am not so old yet!) always say to be so “busy”, and they never find time to meet who they love.

That’s ok, internet, the good use of it, solved the problem. I keep in touch with your daddy that fill my mail with picture of a wonderful creature, that is you.
Your daddy isn’t a man of many words, but trust me, from these pictures, the cure he puts in taking them, the way he picture his son and his wife tell how deep is his love for both of you.

And I wish, my little cousin, you will always feel and understand how much your parents loves you.
I wish you will never miss someone that loves you.

You will be sad in your life, people will make you be sad. You’ll surely argue with your parents (sorry, in our family we are pretty stubborn, and your daddy is one of the hardest heads ;D).
I wish you will never feel homeless, that you will never miss someone’s love… but it can be possible…if it happens, I hope you’ll always remember what your parents will surely teach you: There is always Someone, the one that bring you to us, the Father we all share… that will always love you and every human being.

A Love in front of which everyone, even the oldest man in the world, is like a little bird requesting food to his parents…

Needed Love

…a Love we do need.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I am not hiding…

I didn’t want to write today.

OK, don’t think too loudly: “So, why are you still throwing “trash” on the internet?”…I can “hear” you! ;P

Just, I was going to sleep when I saw one of the pictures I have taken today…

Being Bee

I didn’t like it “so much” to post it on my website… I actually thought that the day went pretty bad… not many pictures taken, nothing went according to the plans.

But, at least, the today-pictures gave me a reason for a little laugh… recalling me the heavy bee going on small and light flowers, and making a lot of noise while flying… and me, trying to “catch” it “with a picture while it was flying”, but it looked to be doing its best to hide behind flowers.. tonight I have just found myself thinking what the bee could answer me back: “I am not hiding, I am just doing my duty… Stop bothering me!!”

Bzzz! :).

Ok, I know it’s stupid, as well I know I need to go to sleep ;D


Monday, May 4, 2009

Dragonflies gallery

I created a new gallery: “Animals” —> “DRAGONFLIES” .
At the moment there are only 4 pictures, I wish you’ll enjoy them anyway.
No post today because I used this "old" one for the new blog.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Catania and HDR

I am surely not the first person to be talking about Catania and/or about HDR. What’s wrong with this? Nothing.

HDR is a photography technique that consist in taking some pictures (>2) at different exposure level and elaborate them together in order to get only one picture. I guess you can learn more about HDR just clicking here.

The funny thing is that I have no patience for “studying” (A students in physics that hates to study?! Yeah, beside I am not as good as I wished in physics too, photography is fun for me at the moment, there is no way I can seriously “work” with this at the moment, so the idea to be “studying” something about photography is quite awful to me).

So I have just applied my technique of “chaotic learning”. I asked to a friend what I needed to get an HDR picture, and did some experiment.

First, almost an year ago:



Second, this summer:



Yesterday I shot 3 pictures to 2 different parts of the same building and, here you are the steps of what I did:



I mixed up the first 3 pictures, tried to correct perspective and here you are the final results:


Viale (”avenue”) XX Settembre #39. Catania.
Building named: “Palazzo Monaco” by engineer Luciano Nicolosi (1855-1947). Building in different styles.
I guess here you can notice part of the “Geometric frames” and the grating in decò-Empire style… forgive me, I am just a physics students trying to “translate” an old Italian book written in “artistic-architectural language” ;D


Viale (”avenue”) XX Settembre #39. Catania.
Building named: “Palazzo Monaco” by engineer Luciano Nicolosi (1855-1947). Building in different styles.
I guess here you can notice part of the “Geometric frames”, the grating in decò-Empire style and part of the caryatids and telamons (they human-looking sculpture) by Mario Moschetti.

Again…Please, forgive me, I am just a physics students trying to “translate” an old Italian book written in “artistic-architectural language” ;D

Be aware, monuments don’t look so colorful in reality, but neither as bad as in the first 3 pictures of each group. Those of you that can, COME TO SEE it is worth to do it! :D

Actually… I don’t love edited pictures, but I am liking the result in this case.

I don’t know the reason… probably it’s due to my inability to take pictures to monument or due to my desire to “go somewhere else for a little while”…but I see in it a good, probably funny too, way to look at Catania.

It’s just an experiment-project I started yesterday (I will give more detailed information soon). I wished I could take more pictures, but after lunch I felt pretty bad and I had to come back home, my legs can be pretty mean sometimes.

I’ve been talking enough.

Wish a wonderful Sunday to all of you! ;D