Thursday, May 14, 2009

To GJr

It seems yesterday, and ages ago at the same time…
The 13th May 2008 your daddy (my cousin) sent me a message telling me at what time you were born. The message also told about your name, your weight, your length and, not written, the infinite joy of your parents.

I remember I was studying math when I received this message. I don’t know what you’ll study at university, but I can assure that the kind of math I was studying was really annoying… but this message, or better your birth news, made me smile. I started to jump all around the house telling the news to my parents and to my brother.

I wish I was there, I wish I could have hugged you at least once in this year… but we live pretty far away, and old people can be so strange and boring. They (well I should say “we, even if I am not so old yet!) always say to be so “busy”, and they never find time to meet who they love.

That’s ok, internet, the good use of it, solved the problem. I keep in touch with your daddy that fill my mail with picture of a wonderful creature, that is you.
Your daddy isn’t a man of many words, but trust me, from these pictures, the cure he puts in taking them, the way he picture his son and his wife tell how deep is his love for both of you.

And I wish, my little cousin, you will always feel and understand how much your parents loves you.
I wish you will never miss someone that loves you.

You will be sad in your life, people will make you be sad. You’ll surely argue with your parents (sorry, in our family we are pretty stubborn, and your daddy is one of the hardest heads ;D).
I wish you will never feel homeless, that you will never miss someone’s love… but it can be possible…if it happens, I hope you’ll always remember what your parents will surely teach you: There is always Someone, the one that bring you to us, the Father we all share… that will always love you and every human being.

A Love in front of which everyone, even the oldest man in the world, is like a little bird requesting food to his parents…

Needed Love

…a Love we do need.

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