Friday, October 31, 2008


If you know, if you see, smell, taste, hear, feel or just "read" something of beautiful wouldn't you like to share it with your friends?

I would.

Those American/English friends of mine, that I have been bothering for at least some months (if not years), can say that at least once while we were chatting I dropped them a message where I said "Oh, I am reading something that I wished I could share with you"... but I couldn't share with them that thing I liked, because it was written in Italian.

Why didn't I simply translated it?
Because it w
as usually a blog post about important topics, and usually it was pretty long... Beside, with the poor translation I can provide, I might change the real meaning of the post.

Fortunately, after some years one the owner of one of the Italian blogs I like, and i use to read almost daily, decided to open an Enlgish version of his blog.

So I hope everyone of you
, friends or just passersby, will spend a bit of time taking a look to this blog written by Screwtape the devil who "has no time to throw away writing false or unimportant things"...indeed I can assure you that most of the time there are really interesting thing on his blog. :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Surfing the web...

...A couple of months ago, in order to find an interesting Feynman's quote, I found this poetry of his.
I think the last lines are superb.

Out of the cradle
onto dry land...
here it is standing...
atoms with consciousness
...matter with curiosity.
Stands at the sea...
wonders at wondering... I...
a universe of atoms...
an atom in the universe

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The seed.

The Seed

The Lord has planted a seed,
in the earth in my garden,
in the Lord has planted a seed
in the depth of my morning.

As soon as I realized it
I came down from my balcony
I wanted to see inside it
I wanted to see the seed.

But the Lord planted the seed
in the earth in my garden
The lord planted the seed
at the beginning of my path.

I wish that seed would bloom
I wish the flower would grow
But the time for budding,
i known to my Lord.

The Lord has planted a seed,
in the earth in my garden,
the Lord has planted a seed
in the depth of my morning.

This is another Claudio Chieffo's song that I used to listen to when I was a little girl and I re-discovered it only recently.
In the last 2-3 years I felt this way, anxious to see that seed growing, but I have to wait...
I just wish I won't miss the blooming.

Original lyric.
Il seme
Il Signore ha messo un seme
nella terra del mio giardino,
il Signore ha messo un seme
nel profondo del mio mattino.

lo appena me ne sono accorto
sono sceso dal mio balcone
e volevo guardarci dentro
e volevo vedere il seme.

Ma il Signore ha messo il seme
nella terra del mio giardino,
il Signore ha messo il seme
all'inizio del mio cammino.

Io vorrei che fiorisse il seme
io vorrei che nascesse il fiore,
ma il tempo del germoglio
lo conosce il mio Signore.

Il Signore ha messo un seme
nella terra del mio giardino,
il Signore ha messo un seme
nel profondo del mio mattino.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Even in the darkest places there is Light.

Yesterday I went to my parents little country house, it's a pretty nice place if you want to observe an almost undisturbed nature.

It wasn't that late when we reached it, I was pretty sure I was going to shot some pictures but only there I realized that in that places sunset come early (due to an hill on the west) so I had only few minutes rest of direct light and than I had just to "be creative".

It's cold there now and there aren't the typical autumn signs yet... but there was a group of lilies (at least I think they are lilies) that fascinated me.
I think it is a strange period time for blooming but they were there and so fascinating, I decided to try to shot them some pictures even if sun was already gone and they were in a pretty dark side of the yard.

I am enjoying the result.

I love this weird situations and their result!

I am probably crazy and visionary, but when I notice this little beautiful shows in the places and in the time where I would not expect, I start thinking if it is just "a coincidence" or if it's something else.

I love to think that it's something else, that this little shows are more like post-it left for us to remind us that "it's not as dark as it seems", "it's not as impossible as you think"...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Third year?!

Tomorrow I will go to the university for the third "first lessons day"... I am going to start my third and last year at university... well, actually it is not the last ever, it's just the last one of what Italians call a "first level degree" (similar to an American BA, I think).

Apparently everything is fine in my life, apparently...

There is still so much to do, to wait for, to hope for and probably a lot more to accept even if makes you feel sad and humiliated.

I feel trapped but I can see the sky...I just wonder if it isn't just an illusion I created in my mind to survive.

It cannot be an illusion, a Sky cannot disappear.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Weird, I am speaking about love.

When I was 8 or so I asked to my parents why most of the songs speak about love, I thought it was stupid and boring!
They tried to explain me the reason but i was too young to understand that.

Few years later, but a lot of time before I had ever fallen in love with someone, I understood what my parents meant while I was listening to a Claudio Chieffo's song. I grew up listening to his songs, probably at that time I had already listened to this particular song, but only that day I thought: "...this is the best love song I have ever heard..."

I want to share with you its lyric, you can listen to a sample of the song music here...

I let you imagine why I like it.

The original lyric is in Italian.


Io vorrei volerti bene come ti ama Dio
con la stessa passione, con la stessa forza
con la stessa fedeltà che non ho io.

Mentre l'amore mio
è piccolo come un bambino
solo senza la madre
sperduto in un giardino.

Io vorrei volerti bene come ti ama Dio
con la stessa tenerezza, con la stessa fede
con la stessa libertà che non ho io.

Mentre l'amore mi
è fragile come un fior
ha sete della pioggia
muore se non c'è il sole.

Io ti voglio bene e ne ringrazio Dio
che mi dà la tenerezza, che mi dà la forza
che mi dà la libertà che non ho io.

English translation, i found it in the "libretto" that comes with the CD.


I would like to love you
as God loves you
with the same passion,
with the sam strenght,
with the same fidelity
that I do not have.

While my love
is small like a child
alone without his mother
lost in a garden.

I would like to love you
as God loves you
with the same tenderness,
with the same faith
with the same freedom
that i do not have.

While my love
is fragile like a flower
it thirsts for rain
and dies without sun.

I love you and for it I thank God
who gives me tenderness
who gives me the strength
who gives me the freedom
that I do not have.

To the one that is fighting for our future :)

Friday, October 3, 2008


Can robots love? Can they understand or appreciate love?
Can they appreciate the beauty of this world?

Probably not, I guess they can be programmed to reproduce a typical human behavior in front of something that is wonderful, that is amazing. They might be programmed to behave as an human that loves, but they will keep being an human product... they will probably always miss something.

I think only a pure human hearth can recognize the Beauty reflected on Beauty's creation, because only that Beauty (source of the pure Love) can really write the proper "code" that is in everyone's heart and mind.

We can choose to follow that code, or we can just ignore it.

Dedicated to someone that has been, unjustly, defined a robot but I know he can love and recognize the real Beauty.

Thanks for these last 19 months together :).