Friday, October 3, 2008


Can robots love? Can they understand or appreciate love?
Can they appreciate the beauty of this world?

Probably not, I guess they can be programmed to reproduce a typical human behavior in front of something that is wonderful, that is amazing. They might be programmed to behave as an human that loves, but they will keep being an human product... they will probably always miss something.

I think only a pure human hearth can recognize the Beauty reflected on Beauty's creation, because only that Beauty (source of the pure Love) can really write the proper "code" that is in everyone's heart and mind.

We can choose to follow that code, or we can just ignore it.

Dedicated to someone that has been, unjustly, defined a robot but I know he can love and recognize the real Beauty.

Thanks for these last 19 months together :).

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M1L said...

affecting :)
Thanks to you!