Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Gallery, Cats

New Gallery online: "Animals"--->"Cats" (click here). Hope you'll enjoy it.

(The relative post in the new blog is an old post of this blog, click here).

In a hurry...

30 minutes ago I fell asleep while I was uploading a couple of picture in the "Catania "close up"" gallery ("House in Liberty Style (?)" and "Catania Cathedral,HDR").
They are online now, but I wanted to add more pictures (still missing some pictures taken in the Roman amphitheater) and I also wanted to created a new gallery.

But... the day has been busy, I have been listening from 8 to 10 (about) to a Quantum Mechanics lecture, from about 10 to 12 to a Structure of Matter lecture , and I have been in the laboratory from 3pm to past 7 pm "playing with laser light". All this might be funny and/or interesting but it is pretty tiring. Beside, from 6.50pm to 7.15pm I took some pictures at the experiment apparatus too...again, fun but after 8hours you start being able to just think:"Go home, go home, I want my bed!" ;P

I guess that today I did enough, or at least, it's what my body decided for me. It's saying: "Ely, go to sleep".

I am going to listen to it (if it gets "angry" it can be really painful ;D)...or at least, that's my intention.

The site is growing up (slowly but growing up) and I am caring about physics too. I guess that I cannot complain.

In a month (May 28) will be my birthday, 22nd birthday. If it will be a "calm and well spent" day as today it might be a really nice birthday.

We'll see.

Have a nice night.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Brain noise...being original?

Weird day Monday. What a news!

I didn't go to the university because I felt sick... more or less. I tried to study in the afternoon, I did something...few.
I should be writing something of meaningful at least... but there is only a big brain noise. Zzzzzh, thoughts are running all around my brain, they move in any direction and when I try to catch one, it flee soon after.
The result... I DID NOT build a new gallery and did not study, but I am trying to force me to study.

Damn... That's probably the status of someone trying to be original? I hope no. That's too frustrating. And than, why should I try to be original? If I am not I should not try... if I am I don't need to try to be original.
And what's original?

I have been talking with a lot of people defining themselves as "original", "alternative", "independent"... that's all because they were or against the USA or against the Church.
They are not so original... I am catholic (or at least, I try to be a catholic) but I do know more people against Church, even some of those that call themselves a true catholic, isn't a little weird? No, it's fashion, it's chic to be against the Pope.
To not talk about those one are against USA... wearing Nike shoes, drinking coca cola, following the self made man dream.

Dah! I have just ruined my future... I mean, talking about Christianity, defining me as a Catholic, telling that a good 75% of western countries citizen as "not so original" because they think more or less alike. Wow, I have just condemned myself to the worse social exile.

But who cares? Yeah, I am sorry to see such a big hate for Catholics... but, at the end, I have friends that are not Catholic (Hebrew or belonging to different Cristian Churches), my best friends don't believe in God at all but we still keep talking because we see an human being in the other person that deserve our love, not just someone that is "wrong" or "right". I guess these friends are just good-hearted people.

So, I hope that at least people alike my friend will enjoy the beauty I am trying to share with this world.

And they will probably understand why I think that there are beings, as them, that "NEED" to be "original":
This is an original way to eat food, isn't it? Most birds don't eat this way... but I think that someone it helped the bird to quickly run awayin case of "suspicious noise".

Monday, April 27, 2009

Escape for a living...

Too many thoughts or just the desire to fly away. To where? Dunno.


Unplanned shot. Enough lucky shot.

“Escape for a living”, the title that I gave to this picture.
I do love this shot. I put this in my mp3 read as background, more than an year ago. It’s still there.

The birds take off if there is a suspicious noise or shadow getting too close, they survive this way.

My imagination or desire to smile “take off” when a too sad thought or situation is getting too close…but sometimes I cannot catch my own thoughts.

Little sparrows “work” best ;)

And it’s so weird to discover that this picture has been taken on March 30th 2008, just an year before I did the first part of an exam that is slowing down my studies a lot. Looks like someone is trying to mock me, or just to make me smile.;)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hometown? Catania, Sicily

I cannot change this answer for the rest of my life… I was born an grew up there.

I still live in Catania.

When I was 12 or so I was PROUD to be Sicilian I was so PROUD to live in Catania. I loved this little city, I tried to focus on learning the local language too. [Italian (or English) is the language you use to study, Catanese (local Sicilian) is the "city" dialect.]
Few years later I started feeling in prison in Catania and started to describe it as a “little meaningless town”.
When I was 19 I almost hated the city, it couldn’t give me the chance to study photography or similar thing… but I was too weak to go away, to go to Rome or Milan to study what I wanted to study. Beside, in my family (as in many other ones), an artistic career is consider quite unsafe, too difficult and dangerous and… somehow I think they are right.

All this made me decide to study physics. Pretty far from art, I know… but it was the only thing that I found interesting and, actually, science is my “first love” (since I was 9, while I started to REALLY love photography only since I was 13 or so…).

Now, physics studies are quite failed, I will go ahead to get the degree as well as I can but, I am probably walking on the way that will make me dreaming for job I will never like but I will need as water in the desert because: “money are necessary to build up a family”.

That’s not a complain, or probably it is but… trust me, I don’t mean to complain, I just want to explain you WHY I rarely take picture of this city (beside the fact that I still don’t understand how to picture a building)… and that’s probably the reason while the pictures are so “poor” in quality… but I like some Catania details so I am going to show you up something:


Just an example…

I remember when I was a child these patterns always fascinated me, and this particular case I have always “seen” a fountain in this “scheme on the floor”.

And seeking for details I like… it’s probably the only good thing I can do when I don’t like something.
It’s probably the main way, for me, to understand things.

—> This mean there is a new gallery in the site: ” Cities—>Catania “Close Up” “

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Now way. I don't like lies.

A lot of times seems like there is no way to go ahead, no way to keep on fighting.
And especially seems like there is no way to keep on “hoping” and “dreaming”, and you can just keep thinking: “I wish I were somewhere else, I wish I were someone else”.
Yeah, Yeah. Quite annoying, upsetting and kind of “frustrating”.

What can I do?
Close my eyes, start thinking about something pleasant? Where I felt well, why did I felt so?
Yeah, cool! Many times it works… or, I am not able to do this with just my mind, I turn on the computer as soon as I can and start jumping all around my pictures…

Today I stopped on this:



There has been no way to stop smiling and thanking.

Yeah, yeah. I am supposed to tell you something about this picture, about what was happening when I was taking it… but, the truth is that I can remember only that I was pleased and glad and “feeling free”. Nothing important for this world but exactly what I was seeking for today! ;D

At the moment I can just say that I had the chance, quite unplanned, to take this shot… Unplanned because when I took this picture I couldn’t see so many seagulls… but the were amazingly there. I just had to way to see there.

Now, seems like I just have to wait, to wait to see what is amazing in this life because I know there is something of amazing, because I have seen its sign before.

Or I can start telling me lies as: “it’s not important if you can like what you do, most of this life is just awful and you just have to keep on going ahead”…

I don’t like lies. Do you?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Seeking for the "hidden" light

(For a while I will post here what I post in the other English blog... might happen that there I won't post something that will be put here that is supposed to be a more "informal" blog).

Going out carrying my camera means a lot of things for me.

One of these is: forcing myself to look at this world, to focus my mind on what is around me in order to avoid to lose a detail that might enrich my day or, if I am lucky, my life in general.


This picture, that someone likes, that someone commented saying:”It looks lit from inside”… wasn’t shot in a studio (I have never been in a photography studio), I didn’t take it with “special” instruments. It’ just a picture of a (small) rose of a plant on my balcony in a little city on the East Sicilian cost. Nothing more.
That light isn’t a post production artifact, I just “helped” it with a little light level adjustment, it’s natural. It was the sun shining on it… the same sun that all of you know.

A simple detail, a definitely unnecessary picture… it reports nothing, nothing important.

It can just testify that someone, somewhere, a day of a certain year, has gone out on the balcony, just after lunch, holding a camera in the hope to be able to find a reason more to smile, to find a reason more to make someone smiling, to find a reason more to remember that even the smallest and simplest thing (or person) can shine with the Light that is necessary for our lives.

Taking pictures, for me, is a good exercise to practice my eyes to seek for that Light, to learn to find it.

Next step?
Being able to understand why God created mosquitoes that keeps me awake at night ;D

P.S. New pictures: "Flowers-->Roses"

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sorry sorry sorry!

Sorry I am just posting in the new blog, but I have not much time...the baby (the site) is growing up!

Double sorry because I am not commenting your blog any longer. I will do it soon, hope in the next days.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just born!

It's online! Just take a look if you wish!

Sorry I have been silent for so long, but I have been working (with my boyfriend) on this site in these last days.

There's still a lot to do, but it's something now.
If you want to write the "about her" just write it and send via mail.
If you have any advice and/or comments to do, don't worry, tell me. Everything to improve is welcome!

I have to run to sleep.

See you tomorrow (hug)

Friday, April 10, 2009