Thursday, April 23, 2009

Now way. I don't like lies.

A lot of times seems like there is no way to go ahead, no way to keep on fighting.
And especially seems like there is no way to keep on “hoping” and “dreaming”, and you can just keep thinking: “I wish I were somewhere else, I wish I were someone else”.
Yeah, Yeah. Quite annoying, upsetting and kind of “frustrating”.

What can I do?
Close my eyes, start thinking about something pleasant? Where I felt well, why did I felt so?
Yeah, cool! Many times it works… or, I am not able to do this with just my mind, I turn on the computer as soon as I can and start jumping all around my pictures…

Today I stopped on this:



There has been no way to stop smiling and thanking.

Yeah, yeah. I am supposed to tell you something about this picture, about what was happening when I was taking it… but, the truth is that I can remember only that I was pleased and glad and “feeling free”. Nothing important for this world but exactly what I was seeking for today! ;D

At the moment I can just say that I had the chance, quite unplanned, to take this shot… Unplanned because when I took this picture I couldn’t see so many seagulls… but the were amazingly there. I just had to way to see there.

Now, seems like I just have to wait, to wait to see what is amazing in this life because I know there is something of amazing, because I have seen its sign before.

Or I can start telling me lies as: “it’s not important if you can like what you do, most of this life is just awful and you just have to keep on going ahead”…

I don’t like lies. Do you?

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