Monday, April 27, 2009

Escape for a living...

Too many thoughts or just the desire to fly away. To where? Dunno.


Unplanned shot. Enough lucky shot.

“Escape for a living”, the title that I gave to this picture.
I do love this shot. I put this in my mp3 read as background, more than an year ago. It’s still there.

The birds take off if there is a suspicious noise or shadow getting too close, they survive this way.

My imagination or desire to smile “take off” when a too sad thought or situation is getting too close…but sometimes I cannot catch my own thoughts.

Little sparrows “work” best ;)

And it’s so weird to discover that this picture has been taken on March 30th 2008, just an year before I did the first part of an exam that is slowing down my studies a lot. Looks like someone is trying to mock me, or just to make me smile.;)

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