Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Brain noise...being original?

Weird day Monday. What a news!

I didn't go to the university because I felt sick... more or less. I tried to study in the afternoon, I did something...few.
I should be writing something of meaningful at least... but there is only a big brain noise. Zzzzzh, thoughts are running all around my brain, they move in any direction and when I try to catch one, it flee soon after.
The result... I DID NOT build a new gallery and did not study, but I am trying to force me to study.

Damn... That's probably the status of someone trying to be original? I hope no. That's too frustrating. And than, why should I try to be original? If I am not I should not try... if I am I don't need to try to be original.
And what's original?

I have been talking with a lot of people defining themselves as "original", "alternative", "independent"... that's all because they were or against the USA or against the Church.
They are not so original... I am catholic (or at least, I try to be a catholic) but I do know more people against Church, even some of those that call themselves a true catholic, isn't a little weird? No, it's fashion, it's chic to be against the Pope.
To not talk about those one are against USA... wearing Nike shoes, drinking coca cola, following the self made man dream.

Dah! I have just ruined my future... I mean, talking about Christianity, defining me as a Catholic, telling that a good 75% of western countries citizen as "not so original" because they think more or less alike. Wow, I have just condemned myself to the worse social exile.

But who cares? Yeah, I am sorry to see such a big hate for Catholics... but, at the end, I have friends that are not Catholic (Hebrew or belonging to different Cristian Churches), my best friends don't believe in God at all but we still keep talking because we see an human being in the other person that deserve our love, not just someone that is "wrong" or "right". I guess these friends are just good-hearted people.

So, I hope that at least people alike my friend will enjoy the beauty I am trying to share with this world.

And they will probably understand why I think that there are beings, as them, that "NEED" to be "original":
This is an original way to eat food, isn't it? Most birds don't eat this way... but I think that someone it helped the bird to quickly run awayin case of "suspicious noise".

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