Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Seeking for the "hidden" light

(For a while I will post here what I post in the other English blog... might happen that there I won't post something that will be put here that is supposed to be a more "informal" blog).

Going out carrying my camera means a lot of things for me.

One of these is: forcing myself to look at this world, to focus my mind on what is around me in order to avoid to lose a detail that might enrich my day or, if I am lucky, my life in general.


This picture, that someone likes, that someone commented saying:”It looks lit from inside”… wasn’t shot in a studio (I have never been in a photography studio), I didn’t take it with “special” instruments. It’ just a picture of a (small) rose of a plant on my balcony in a little city on the East Sicilian cost. Nothing more.
That light isn’t a post production artifact, I just “helped” it with a little light level adjustment, it’s natural. It was the sun shining on it… the same sun that all of you know.

A simple detail, a definitely unnecessary picture… it reports nothing, nothing important.

It can just testify that someone, somewhere, a day of a certain year, has gone out on the balcony, just after lunch, holding a camera in the hope to be able to find a reason more to smile, to find a reason more to make someone smiling, to find a reason more to remember that even the smallest and simplest thing (or person) can shine with the Light that is necessary for our lives.

Taking pictures, for me, is a good exercise to practice my eyes to seek for that Light, to learn to find it.

Next step?
Being able to understand why God created mosquitoes that keeps me awake at night ;D

P.S. New pictures: "Flowers-->Roses"

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clairity said...

Beautiful, your picture, your reflection. And perfect for me, because I just this moment came back from taking pictures of a spring-swollen creek and also was thinking how nice it is to take pictures from wonder more than calculation.