Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In a hurry...

30 minutes ago I fell asleep while I was uploading a couple of picture in the "Catania "close up"" gallery ("House in Liberty Style (?)" and "Catania Cathedral,HDR").
They are online now, but I wanted to add more pictures (still missing some pictures taken in the Roman amphitheater) and I also wanted to created a new gallery.

But... the day has been busy, I have been listening from 8 to 10 (about) to a Quantum Mechanics lecture, from about 10 to 12 to a Structure of Matter lecture , and I have been in the laboratory from 3pm to past 7 pm "playing with laser light". All this might be funny and/or interesting but it is pretty tiring. Beside, from 6.50pm to 7.15pm I took some pictures at the experiment apparatus too...again, fun but after 8hours you start being able to just think:"Go home, go home, I want my bed!" ;P

I guess that today I did enough, or at least, it's what my body decided for me. It's saying: "Ely, go to sleep".

I am going to listen to it (if it gets "angry" it can be really painful ;D)...or at least, that's my intention.

The site is growing up (slowly but growing up) and I am caring about physics too. I guess that I cannot complain.

In a month (May 28) will be my birthday, 22nd birthday. If it will be a "calm and well spent" day as today it might be a really nice birthday.

We'll see.

Have a nice night.


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