Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hometown? Catania, Sicily

I cannot change this answer for the rest of my life… I was born an grew up there.

I still live in Catania.

When I was 12 or so I was PROUD to be Sicilian I was so PROUD to live in Catania. I loved this little city, I tried to focus on learning the local language too. [Italian (or English) is the language you use to study, Catanese (local Sicilian) is the "city" dialect.]
Few years later I started feeling in prison in Catania and started to describe it as a “little meaningless town”.
When I was 19 I almost hated the city, it couldn’t give me the chance to study photography or similar thing… but I was too weak to go away, to go to Rome or Milan to study what I wanted to study. Beside, in my family (as in many other ones), an artistic career is consider quite unsafe, too difficult and dangerous and… somehow I think they are right.

All this made me decide to study physics. Pretty far from art, I know… but it was the only thing that I found interesting and, actually, science is my “first love” (since I was 9, while I started to REALLY love photography only since I was 13 or so…).

Now, physics studies are quite failed, I will go ahead to get the degree as well as I can but, I am probably walking on the way that will make me dreaming for job I will never like but I will need as water in the desert because: “money are necessary to build up a family”.

That’s not a complain, or probably it is but… trust me, I don’t mean to complain, I just want to explain you WHY I rarely take picture of this city (beside the fact that I still don’t understand how to picture a building)… and that’s probably the reason while the pictures are so “poor” in quality… but I like some Catania details so I am going to show you up something:


Just an example…

I remember when I was a child these patterns always fascinated me, and this particular case I have always “seen” a fountain in this “scheme on the floor”.

And seeking for details I like… it’s probably the only good thing I can do when I don’t like something.
It’s probably the main way, for me, to understand things.

—> This mean there is a new gallery in the site: ” Cities—>Catania “Close Up” “


clairity said...

I love the way you see the fountain in this. Physics is beautiful too ... although I don't have the capacity for it at all!

NightOwl87 said...

seems like I don't have the capacity too... :)

Thanks for all.
Many hugs.