Sunday, May 10, 2009

I am not hiding…

I didn’t want to write today.

OK, don’t think too loudly: “So, why are you still throwing “trash” on the internet?”…I can “hear” you! ;P

Just, I was going to sleep when I saw one of the pictures I have taken today…

Being Bee

I didn’t like it “so much” to post it on my website… I actually thought that the day went pretty bad… not many pictures taken, nothing went according to the plans.

But, at least, the today-pictures gave me a reason for a little laugh… recalling me the heavy bee going on small and light flowers, and making a lot of noise while flying… and me, trying to “catch” it “with a picture while it was flying”, but it looked to be doing its best to hide behind flowers.. tonight I have just found myself thinking what the bee could answer me back: “I am not hiding, I am just doing my duty… Stop bothering me!!”

Bzzz! :).

Ok, I know it’s stupid, as well I know I need to go to sleep ;D


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