Sunday, November 9, 2008

Half a second

Even half a sec can be a really long time for a lot of reasons, not necessarily for bad reasons. This time lapse can seem too long if you have to "take a picture"...

Suppose you must stay, in an uncomfortable position for *only* 0.5 second and you must be "steady" if you don't want a blurred picture.
Suppose that the place where you want to be steady is a rock, and that your shoes are slippery.
Now suppose your crazy enough to be leaning over what is below the rock you are on, because what you want to be the subject of your picture is down there!

I can assure you, even half of a second in this situation is long enough to be an obstacle for your intentions!

I don't know if it was love for taking pic
tures, if it was the tendency to always try to surpass yourself or the typical teenager craziness but I didn't give up in that "dangerous" situation.

The rock and my shoes were slippery, my classmate wanted to go away but I felt I had to lean over that little water fall and to try the "just discovered" new technique with that subject!
I looked around me and tried to find a position that allowed me to take that picture but saved me from falling off the rock.

A tree branch above me was exactly what I was looking for, indeed it, as an arm of a giant, allowed me to stay enough steady and partially suspen
ded over that little waterfall and this is how I had the chance to shot this picture!

This picture probably will never win a first prize in an international photography contest but to take it I won my fear, I improved my photographic skills and I came back home really happy that day!.

Well, taking picture in the oddest positions has it's cost:pain.

But, believe me, this kind of pain is never annoying for me!

I will talk about it tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

now i want to see the picture! :)

NightOwl87 said...

Hey! Give me time! :P
I knew it had to happen... the only day I take more time to show the picture someone read the post before i complete it with the picture!

Thanks a lot to have come here!
Hope you are having a good day :)

P.S. Even the title changed because only later I checked the exposure data... I guess it proves how long it seemed and/or how stupid I am! ;P

Anonymous said...

ah! i see it now!

BEAUTIFUL! wish i could've been there!

NightOwl87 said...

Thanks! :)

It's in Pantalica pretty close to Syracuse (Sicily of course).
Just a map you can find if you search "Pantalica" on google:

It's a dreamy place. If a day you'll come here I will surely plan a trip to go there with you, M1L and whoever wants to come;)

I have been there only in May 2006 with school, but I wish I can go back there a day!
Who knows, probably next summer?! :).