Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Looking up

Thinking about today... only this picture comes up to my mind...GrewUp ...of a little bird that is looking up to the sky, just few instants before taking off. Do I feel this way? I guess that, at least, I would like to feel so!

Or probably it's due to the fact I recall with pleasure the moment I took this picture. At that time I was studying Analysis I, well that wasn't really pleasant, but I remember that in those weeks I used to study in front of the window, with my camera ready to take a picture of what these young birds were doing.

A day, just for coincidence, I had the chance to take this picture. I think pretty few people would think it has been took inside a kitchen of an apartment, belonging to a building located in the middle of a city.
This little guy was standing on the pine (the Christmas Tree in vacation) that there is on my balcony.

I think that, if there's something of good that I had the chance to do, often unintentionally, is to be able to catch the positive and unusual/unplanned aspect of the reality, of that reality that surrounds us but that, for some weird reason, we are not observing with pleasure...

But it's fine, if we start again to observe our world,we can be surprised and we can cheer up.


maria stella said...

I like the little sparrow, nice photo. You certainly have a sense of poetry!

NightOwl87 said...

Thanks. Thanks a lot. :)

Have I a sense of poetry?
Ehehe, reading this comment made me think:"The girl composing with photons"... I might like the idea!;D Especially because tomorrow starts the course of "photonics and nonotech"! ;D

Thanks again, to have left this comment.