Monday, March 23, 2009

And again, Beauty makes things work out :)

Few minutes ago I had written a really bad post, something like a complain.

When, later, I opened the picture I want to use for the post..
I changed my mind.
I thought:"Oh boy! How could I waste this present with such a bad post?" :)

The bad post was anyway necessary, due to it and the picture I understood that even if life has its "imperfection" alike the flare in this picture (that, despite the flare, turned out as I wished) it's life, a present, something to love given by Love.

Ok, there's too much sense in this post (mebbe).
I have to go to sleep, tomorrow might be a really bad day of "fighting" with classmates. HELP!

Have a wonderful Monday!

A question for, both English and Italian speaker, or for just English speaker if they can understand why I am surprised by the sentence: "to get on like a house on fire".
In the dictionary I've read this sentence is the translation of "
andare d’amore e d’accordo"... I am still trying to fully understand the reason. House on fire is an house that it is going to be destroyed, isn't it? House aren't supposed to love to be on fire!.

Ahaha, I do love learning these idiomatic expressions! :)


maria stella said...

My husband said that it is because a little spark makes a big fire.He said also that most of their idioms haven't got any explanation. For example why it's raining cats and dogs?
I think in this specific case it's also a question of solidariety: if you loose your house in a fire, people will help you.

NightOwl87 said...

OK, thanks! So it's about little spark generating big fire :)
Well, I guess it's normal that idoms haven't an explanation, but I "tried" to discover if there was any ;).
I knew about "raining cats and dogs", but I always thought it was related to the fact when cats and dogs often argue making a lot of noise that, somehow, could be similar to the noise of an heavy rain.

Thanks! ;) I hope I didn't bother with my questions ;D