Friday, March 13, 2009

Seeking for help... for future plans

... nothing of worrying! ;D

I have been quite silent in these days because I am trying to study (as usual) and because I am building, with the fantastic help of my boyfriend, my new website where there is also my new blog . As you can see it's still under construction, indeed I still didn't delete the test post "bedda gioia" and other test posts ;D.  It's also the only active section).

Here I need all of you. 
I would like to move some post of this blog there... but I would like that this site will be  a little more "formal" so I have to choose the proper post...for example, surely not this crazy post.
Does anyone of you can and want to help me in the choice?
Another big problem is my crappy poor English...I think it can ruin the blog... so, I am talking to native English speaker: do u wanna help me in editing the post will be moved there?
Choose a post you liked and if you want to edit it, send me it back and will post on the new site... of course: no hurry and I will thank you there. I don't mind to say that I need help with English language, it's the truth :)

And who of you feel to write an "about her" few lines? I ask this because I would like to create a section: "here is what people I know think about me"...I have seen most "photography" site have an about me written in third person, and I still don't understand the reason; the about me in first person might be a normal one... but I didn't know what to say... so I had this idea.
I thought it might be nice and funny for eventual future (far future) visitor to see what friends think about the crazy girl that takes the pictures... I want a "formal" site but not a "too conventional" one.
You are supposed to be sincere :D. You can be mean too, just not too much please or I'll cry! ;D

Oh, and if you have any idea u can tell me. You can tell me also: "everything is crappy you should do this way..." :)

These are more ideas and plan I have in my mind... I hope to create and complete soon the "principal site section", where I want to put galleries of the best shots.

Every plan came out when I have realized I was running out of space in free accounts as with flickr (that's why I am not uploading all my new pics). I am supposed to pay to have more space and so on... but I preferred to pay some euro more and have an "all mine" space where I can build the site as I like it.

As you can see it's a big work, there is a lot to do still and to clean up and... I feel like I am running to catch a too fast and far dream...

So, why am I telling you now? 
To bother as less as I can, so, if you want to help me you can take all the time you need to do whatever you decided to do:)

Thanks Thanks thanks.

As I say in the crazy post, I will take this site on because I enjoy a less formal site where I can write and show almost whatever I want to show :)


maria stella said...

My husband told me he'd like to help you but he doesn't know where to send the corrected material.
Can you help him?

NightOwl87 said...

Thanks thanks thanks!

Send an e-mail here:


Thanks thanks thanks!