Thursday, January 8, 2009

Free caotic thoughts

I have been silent for a long time on this blog.
I had to study (well actually I still have to study) a lot, I started the blog in Italian, I did some graphic work (nothing special) for my family and with my boyfriend we bought a domain to build a new site and a new blog a little more "serious" than this one and with much more space for pictures and other stuff. The project is still at the starting point, but I hope in few months to complete most of the work.
Will I close this blog? No. Here I feel more free to write whatever I think :)

So... I have been silent even on my blog in Italian in these last days. I didn't write anything special or interesting. Probably I have never written anything special of interesting? Dunno, surely I have not been able for the last weeks to write what I have been thinking about, and yet, I am not sure I will be able to do it now but trying to think in English is helpful... I am slower with English language (what a news, I am Italian!), but being slower with my thoughts is helpful to focus on them.

WOW... while I am writing my boyfriend is playing with the new "toys" we bought :). Don't be perverted with your thoughts, they are just new cellphones. Nokia 6110 navigator to be sincere, amazing cellphone but because my bf is showing me "new amazing stuff" (again, I am talking about the new Nokia) he has been able to distract me from what I have been trying to focus on.
Eheheh, funny man!
But I have to say that is my fault: the first message I sent him with the new cellphone said: "You stink!". I am such a sweet girl! ;D

Ok, I have been able to write a lot and to say nothing! Looks like I am really good at doing this! ;)
I guess the period of "free caotic thoughts" isn't finished yet!

Help! I need an order in my thoughts! ;D


maya | springtree road said...

you're making me laugh this morning! :)

good luck with your new site.

NightOwl87 said...

Hey there!
I am glad you laughed, at least for you! ;)

I have just finished to correct some mistakes I did and found, but the meaning hasn't changed.

Thanks for your wish, I will need a lot of luck in the following months, and probably year... as any other human I think ;)

ciellino said...

"You stink" was actually written as "Fetuso", wasn't it? ;)