Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Freedom to be serene...

Today my mother told me about something happened when she was coming back at home at about 6.45 pm. She was getting into the building, and a woman living here too got scared to hear my mother steps. When this woman realized it was "just mother" she said to her: "Oh, I am sorry. I was a little scared, there was a boy at the gate and..".
My mother just smiled because the boy at the gate was "my boy", so no danger for anyone... but she understood that we are all scared to go out, especially if alone and at night (lights here not always work).

I thought it was a situation as true as sad.

Tonight, I am not feeling very well (I don't know the reason) so I just wanted to post this picture:

Yep, to create a contrast to the evil that torture this world that could be a really amazing and peaceful place.

Indeed, when I took this picture I was being a part of a bigger world life frame that could show only serenity.
There were seagulls flying all around, the sea was calm, there were no clouds in the sky, there were people enjoying the sea practicing sport on it (I guess canoe) or just look at it from the dock.

I remember that when I was shooting exactly this shot I thought: "wow, cool! I am lucky! I couldn't have been able to take a picture of such a situation if, for example, I was in land plagued by the war..."

I don't know why I thought this, but it made me to realized that even if this land is "plagued" by problems that goes from criminality to really little chances to get a really good and interesting (honest) job and consequentially a serene life, it is still able to show such great scenario that talk about the chance to be serene and free.

We all aim to being happy and serene, but this is not always possible... and this can became quite impossible if we don't remember Who we should follow.

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maria stella said...

Yes we can! All we need is love, la la la la la...