Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall and winter roses

Tonight I discovered that I have never taken pictures in October, at least, since I have a DSLR camera (May 2005).

The only “October shot” I’ve been able to find on my computer is the following:


October 2005. 4 years ago. That’s crazy… Looks like I need to take pictures in October too! ;D

That recalled me that when I was born an aunt called me “little rose of May”. I knew it was due to the fact I was born in May (don’t need to be that smart to understand it) but I asked her (after a few years of course! ;P) why “ROSE of May” and she told me that May is the months of the roses, and I was small and cute as a rose… very nice of here, but…

Now, the question is: Why, on my balcony, I can take a picture of a rose in October (as above) or


in February? (The coldest month here!) :D

Should I tell her about these crazy roses blooming in cold seasons? :)

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