Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The bending sunflower

Today I worked on 2 pictures, one was an “HDR” work (well, not properly and HDR :D , but probably close enough…):


(well, not properly and HDR :D , but probably close enough…)

This picture has been taken on July 10th 2009, as the following 3 pictures, that I edited on July 13th.




And this:


The second one I edited today.
It reminded me that in the following days it fully bloomed and… I just ignored it because I just become unable to take any other pictures.. seems like this last sunflower knew its destiny and started opening in a way that it already can seem dead or, just bending in front of something it cannot control…

And, except for a picture, I don’t take so “colorful” and “detailed” pictures since that day. It’s weird, so weird! :)


clairity said...

Ely, I love the stages! It's beautiful.

NightOwl87h said...

Hey! Thanks! :D
How are you?

What do you mean by "stages"? :)