Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to waste your time

I'm pretty good in wasting my time.

And new programs for drawing on my tablet pc can help me in wasting my time, as pdf editor program help me with studying...


Today after lunch, leaving it incomplete in order to go to study:

At 8pm, got unhappy for a little reason and colored one of the incomplete fingers:

I've never studied art, never seriously did a draw or a paint... tried some times, but always failed.

I should be studying (and a lot) physics but I always end on doing something like this.

I've never been able to drawn a part of human body, yesterday I was close to be... It's not a great piece of art, ok, but again, I've never studied art or being able to do such a thing... why can I do these sketches now? Why cannot I just "be good at physics"? Why this skill, if it's a real skill, didn't came up when I was 14 and still in time to go to seriously study art?

God has his plans, I'm sure of this. I'd just like to know which are...

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