Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meeting Rimini 2009: People

The convention I've been talking about in the last posts is really interesting, but really tiring too.
Rimini Fiera is a wide place and there are many things to see... therefore you have to walk a lot!

As a consequence, starting from the hours following lunch time, you can find a lot of people trying to get some rest.

Someone walks in the fresh water in order to cool down their feet:CoolingDown

Someone reads:


Some others, at the CDO stand, preffer to lie down on the comfortable sit placed there... where you can see:

the really tired ones...


Some were laying down alone, someone close to a friend or a dear person, someone (as me) was using a laptop.


Someone looks like a modern version of a Mark Twain novel character


Or somewhere else, you can find group of friends relaxing together, but each of them relax in a personal way. Who plays with a water bottle and gravity force, who just talking with other friends:


Seemed that the younger was the relaxing person the more active was the rest:


as for this little girl that lied down for several minutes, but never stopped moving her arms and head. Her relax was a play that followed a thought that probably she won't remember, but that in that moment seemed a lot of fun.

Or a little boy playing with soap bubbles and and a little girl, probably his sister, running away from the bubbles:


Many children played with balloons of any kind, probably a gadget of some stands. I loved the fact that most of the time the balloon and the children clothe color fitted.


and, once the balloon color fit with the luggage color too:


All these children were able to play for several hours with those balloons, and never get tired of such a simple game. Just in spite of those that says that the new generation cannot have fun with simple games.

I loved to watch these little guys playing. The first time I went to a Meeting in Rimini I wasn't much older than them (9). Probably as most of the today volunteers.

And, at times, some of them moved back to their childhood and started to play with children, even with no more flying balloons:


These are some of the folks you can find there. Simple people, families with children of any age, I also saw a couple of pregnant woman and many people of any race.

Exhibitions, talks, important people, shows, stands and everything belonging to the program is essential, but there would be no Meeting in Rimini if there weren't thousands of people spending some days of their vacation there.

There is no meeting without people willing to even get extremely tired, both if they got there as volunteers or as simple visitors.

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