Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Meeting Rimini 2009: The Exhibitions

What did I do there?

A lot of things but essentially:

- visit exhibitions

- meeting friends

- getting some relax (=taking pictures) after hours of walk.

Let's talk about the first thing that comes up to my mind when I think about the Meeting in Rimini: the exhibitions.
I went to Rimini with the aim of listening to talks, visit the exhibitions and meeting friends, but after a few hours I understood that talks would have taken too much time to my visit and I would "waste" precious time to see those exhibitions that cannot be seen online as the talks.

Therefore, I tried to visit at least one exhibition a day, and after 4 days I have visited something like 6 or 8 shows about many different topics... running from art to philosophy and philosophers life, from science to Christians situation in Russia during the Sovietic Revolution of 1917, to not talk about the little shows about homeless people and City Angels, and other little shows. Loved them all, taken the pictures of the only one I visited twice: The exhibitions about Galilelo Galilei's discoveries.

I didn't took much more than this picture...


of which I love the way the 2 young guys look at armillary sphere (or spherical astrolabe) .

Or this, with showing my boyfriend's hands while he was "playing" with an example of zooming lens:


Picture taken just to show the little, but important, details you can find in these shows that are thought for people of any age. (Yes, the ring he's wearing is our promise ring)

And less important, but not less interesting details alike this one:


or this other one:


both set beside this guy:


Do you know who is he? Just guess! ;D

These last 3 shoots have been taken in a dark room where there was a video projected on the room ceiling. Yep! People working on the Rimini Meeting aren't normal ones, and I think that's one reason that makes amazing the Meeting... and, wait a moment, isn't rational to show up on the ceiling something talking about the discover of Jupiter satellites? ;D
These last 3 shots are pretty far from being "good shots", but they have been taken just because I love the way people working on the exhibitions care about "
scenography" details...


maria stella said...

Unfortunatly I wasn't there. Wonderful pictures!!!

NightOwl87h said...

Yeah, unfortunately...

I hope your mother in law will get well, give an hug to your hubby for me.

Thanks for the comment to the pictures! I will show other 2 groups of picture in the following days ;)